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Pricing and Services

BC Mobile Resources delivers optimal service with pricing that beats our competitors every time.

Passenger Types:

* Ambulatory Passenger = Passengers that can walk/may require assistance

* Wheelchair Passenger = Passengers in a wheelchair/unable to be transported without a wheelchair

*Stretcher Passenger= Passengers that require a stretcher.

Ambulatory Ride

$21.00 Each Way

$2.50 Per Mile

Wheelchair Ride

$31.00 Each Way

$3.00 Per Mile


Additional Passengers

(Traveling with Primary Passenger)

$7.00 Each Way

Wait Time

$0.35 Per Minute

(Wait time will be auto-charged for round-trip reservations scheduled for appointments 3pm and later)

Mobility Aid/Wheelchair Rental

Walker Rental: $15 Per Day/Use

Wheelchair Rental $25 Per Day/Use

Same-Day (On-Demand), After Hours/Weekend/Holiday Rates (based on availability)

Ambulatory: $45 Each Way

Mileage: $5.00 per mile

Wheelchair: $63 Each Way

Mileage: $5.50 per mile

Stretcher Service

Stretcher Service

Stretcher Service: $250 Each Way

Mileage: $8.00 per mile

What our customers are saying...

Thank you & your company for the efficient service

 with excellent communication skills.

The driver was very pleasant, on time & communicated with us via 

text & phone call. We greatly appreciate him & your company.

So glad my daughter found your local company & we will be using you again soon! Thank you all again!

M. Bailey  ~ Allen, TX

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